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David Bushnell, MD

Dr. Bushnell, MD, joined VA staff in 1992 and currently serves as the Chief of Diagnostic Imaging Services at the Iowa City VA Medical Center. He is also a Professor of Radiology for the University of Iowa and serves as a board member for the Iowa City VA Medical Research Foundation (ICVARF). Dr. Bushnell has primarily participated in research involving the treatment of various types of cancer, including Lymphoma, prostate cancer, and neuroendocrine cancer using radioactive drugs. He originally came to work for the VA because he was never drafted for the Vietnam War like many of his fellow contemporaries. As a result, he felt an obligation to somehow give back to those who had served in the war. Dr. Bushnell has enjoyed his personal and intellectual interactions with his co-investigators through various research endeavors.

Active Research

Combined Targeted Radionuclide Therapy in Neuroendrocrine Tumors

The goal of Dr. Bushnell's current research study is to determine whether the total dosage of radioactive drugs could be increased for patients with tumors if the drugs were administered together compared to each of them provided separately. So far, the study's positive results indicating that combining two existing treatments would allow patients to receive larger doses of radiation treatments.

Impact on Veterans

Dr. Bushnell's research over the years has focused on the treatment of patients with various types of cancers, specifically the use of radioactive drug treatments. The knowledge gained from this type of research can lead to more effective treatment for Veterans suffering from cancerous tumors.