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Donna Evans, RN, BSN

Clinical Analyst Donna Evans RN, BSN, joined the VA staff in 2001.  Donna is responsible for invaluable research related to hepatitis C conditions in veteran populations.  The Iowa City VA Medical Research Foundation (ICVARF) is excited to support her hepatitis C research study along with several others.

Donna’s initial interest in research stems from her front-line experience as a clinician.  Patient care is the main reason for her involvement as a study coordinator. She has found that protecting and taking care of human subjects is the most rewarding aspect of her career.  Research has also given Donna the opportunity to expand her role as a caregiver.

"As a study coordinator, I wear many different hats but the direct patient care for subjects is the reason I became involved in research." -Donna Evans

While there are many motivating factors for talented research staff members like Donna, she credits the day-to-day challenges of being a study coordinator for driving her ambitions in research.  These challenges include a variety of daily activities such as working with the Principal Investigators, the sponsors, the Institutional Review Board and the monitors.  With numerous stakeholders involved in the research process, the study coordinator deals with many individual and sometimes competing demands. Above all, the needs of these engaged research stakeholders motivates Donna. 

Active Research

Boceprevir and Peginterferon/Ribavirin for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C in Treatment Naïve Subjects
This study closely monitors subjects who are likely to develop anemia while receiving the triple therapy for treatment of their chronic hepatitis C.

Impact on Veterans

This specific research project has the potential to create a significant impact on today’s veterans.  This is primarily due to the fact that hepatitis C treatments have extreme benefits.  Donna’s research study provides the opportunity for our veterans to receive "state of the art" therapies with "promising" hepatitis C treatment outcomes for genotype 1 type infection.